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Painter, tattooist, and entrepreneur Paul Booth has become an internationally recognized pioneer in gaining mainstream recognition for the dark arts movement. His first showing in Switzerland, this exhibition presents the evolution of his artwork over the past 10 years - in paint, mixed media, and tattoo. In addition to the exhibition itself, the opening reception features a live painting collaboration with Paul and the co-founders of “The ArtFusion Experiment”, Filip and Titine Leu. The painting created at the event will remain for the duration of Paul’s exhibit... “In my mid-teens, I spent countless hours obsessed with trying to understand and emulate Giger's art. His books were among my greatest teachers, of the few I had. I became lost in Giger's dark, surreal worlds, and not many artists have since been able to captivate my imagination with such unrelenting force. I have always tried to do the same, in my own way, as I perceive this to be a crucial element to artistic expression. Giger is the reason that light and shade, dimension and texture, have always been a major focus in my art - be it on canvas, skin, or otherwise. Now, 30 yeas later, I find myself honored to be showing my art in Giger's museum. I suppose I chose to treat this show as something of a timeline because it represents a culmination in my life’s work thus far. While it closes a circle for me historically, it simultaneously marks the beginning of an entirely new era as I can only evolve from this experience. I can't even imagine where I will go from here, and I think that is what has me most excited.” Given his capacity to transform horror and the macabre into dark art that inspires even the most skeptical individual, Paul Booth inevitably translates one’s inner-most fears and poisonous experiences into visual exorcisms that ultimately serve to decontaminate the soul. Paul’s unique perception of the world around him, combined with an insightful knowledge of art, broadens his scope into many disciplines including tattooing, painting, sculpture, and film. Most known as a tattoo artist, Paul is also revered for his efforts to elevate the medium into the realm of fine art. Widely considered a master, Paul has earned international acclaim, in-numerable tattoo awards, and extensive media coverage, resulting in a global cult following. Notably, Paul was the first tattoo artist ever to be inducted into The National Arts Club. Founded 110 years ago, the NAC is the oldest and one of the most respected art institutions in the United States today. Paul’s tattoo art is worn by numerous notable musicians in the metal scene, such as members of Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera, Down, Lamb of God, and many more. Other notable clients include Greg Allman and Nicholas Cage. In 2002, Rolling Stone Magazine featured Booth and crowned him “The New King of Rock Tattoos”. His waiting list for a tattoo is currently over 3 years. In 2000, Paul co-founded an international charitable art organization, called “The ArtFusion Experiment”, with world-renowned tattoo peers, Filip and Titine Leu. This tattoo-centric art movement focuses its energy on a unique collaborative art concept and demonstrates the strength of the contemporary tattoo artist’s ability to work together as a community. This aspect of AFE allows artists to put egos aside and collaboratively fuse individual styles to achieve unequaled works of art. It also gives artists the opportunity to be both students and teachers. The ArtFu-sion Experiment truly speaks the universal language of art in every sense of the word. For more info please visit the HR Giger Museum:

Written by 24471382 — November 10, 2011

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