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By Jesse Dolphin Hello once again, I was at the Calgary Alberta Bound Tattoo Convention a little over a week ago... Steve Peace owner of Immaculate Concepts in Calgary has for years been bringing in some of the best artists known worldwide. The show where I bought my first TAM mag. Wow, has it grown... Each time I attend these shows for TAM I am just amazed how the levels keep rising. As a tattooer I sometimes want to take the thumb-cutter and just end it all. Ha-ha, who knew tattooing would be what it is today? In reality it has made me more of an artist. Getting to go to these shows really gives me a good feeling about the people and the industry we are involved with. This year Steve had a great line-up of artists, Dan Smith and Nikko Hurtado from High Voltage. Nikko and Bob Tyrrell did a sweet skull collaboration on a leg. Not to mention Bob was sporting an epic face or hair. Crazy Nick Chaboya along with Joel Armstrong had it going on. Perfect Image out in Banff had a mad display of prints and originals for sale. Doug Fink owner of Bushudo in Calgary had a nice display of art boxes, featuring bones and parts of different skulls, photos and other neat goodies. All numbered and unique. I also got to run into Erin Chance. I meet her at the Sydney show two years ago. She does some awesome stuff. Lots and lots of good tattooers, doing wicked-crazy good tattoos. Another cool feature to the show was Neo-tat, Nick Chaboya tattooed my foot two years ago with a Neo-tat and not many had heard of them. They were the hot spot of the show. Those guys are building a sweet product. Damian from had brought out the Death Art Show from the Toronto show this year. If you not familiar with the Death Art Show... do so!! Nothing better to see a whole wall of paintings by the best of the best. Filip Leu had a submission I almost bought. $2,000 clams. It was nice to see a Filip original. Steve Moore had a couple coffin tops in the pile that were inspiringly sick. The Death Art Show had a final piece done by the crew at Seventh Son, a group of lids all puzzled together to make a big skull. AMAZING. Aaron Bell, James Tex and a shit-pile of others had wicked coffin tops displayed as well. At the other end was an art show with a different topic. Motorcycle helmets, organized by Shaun Hedley. Or so I think. shit!. Cool concept!! I bought a helmet off Miles Kane. Its graphic was a painting of Santa Cruz slasher. Rob Noseworth of Black and Blue out in Naniamo painted an oni with deer horns glued on it. Lucky Diamond Rich was the crowd pleaser with a couple shows daily. He is tattooed head to toe, and swallows swords. Fun. The show had all sorts of sweet amazing tattoos being done as well as art work being displayed. One of my favorite pieces was done by Clint Danroth from Craftsmen tattoo out in B.C. He did a Wonder Women pin-up. It was a super nice fun tattoo. Jee Sayalero from Europe was in town. He has a great style and I managed to get one of his collabo-paintings with James Tex. Very nice... When the shop came to an end on Sunday, Doug Fink held a gathering back at his shop. A good place not just to get tattooed, but throw parties. I had to miss, something to do with a wife and three kids. Doug was kind enough to send a couple of pics and inform me everyone had a drinking-good time. Thanks, join us next year for another Alberta Bound Tattoo Show, which will be held next Oct 12-14, 2012.

Written by 24471382 — October 31, 2011

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