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By Rose Riot To many people, Labor Day weekend means one thing, Dragon Con. Instead of firing up the grill and roasting weenies with friends, those who procure memberships to Dragon Con spend Labor Day weekend with 40,000 plus Storm Troopers, furries, comic book characters and just about any other pop culture icons you can think of... Dragon Con is in it's 25th year and has grown exponentially since the first one. It started out as a gaming and role playing group (insert nerd laugh here) but now includes celebrity panels, live bands, professional, wrestling, costume contest, artists, a huge market place and some of the best partying possible. For the four day of Dragon Con, Atlanta becomes a mixture of Halloween, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras and Spring Break. The people watching is without parallel. I attended the 2011 Dragon Con for TAM. I wanted to show the TAM followers the pop culture magic that is the Con. I've never seen Twilight, I don't enjoy True Blood and hell… I don't even really like Star Wars but I still found a place in Dragon Con. I still had one of the most entertaining days just walking around and shooting. The highlight moments for me were, seeing a 16 year old dresses as Sid Vicious (that gave me hope for the future), introduces a man dressed as a Slim Jim to a man Dressed as Macho Man Randy Savage and running into Tyson McAdoo. (Rose Riot is a photographer in Atlanta and contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine.)

Written by 24471382 — September 27, 2011

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