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By Molly Skobba and Takahiro "Horitaka" Kitamura And here we go again! I've been super busy tattooing and also getting ready for the SFO Tattoo Convention coming soon and haven't had a chance to blog lately. No problem, my amazing girl Molly has been on it and wrote a few words about Ben's last visit to San Jose. Enjoy... Molly Skobba: I have really come to enjoy living in California. There are so many interesting people to meet here in the tattoo world, the up-and-coming and the classic living legends. I had the honor of meeting two tattooists this week that represent both generations, and actually got tattooed by one of them. I had wanted a tattoo from Ben Grillo and it just happens that it will remind me of a really fun day. Ben had been doing a guest spot at State of Grace for a few days, so a few of us (Jill Bonny, Ben, Juan Puente, Taki and I) decided to spend a day in San Francisco to shoot photos and visit a couple of friends of Taki’s at their tattoo studios. We stopped at the amazing Ed Hardy's Tattoo City, and hung out for a few minutes with the super cool dudes there. Then proceeded to run around and snap photos around Chinatown and Union Square. We ended the day at The Diamond Club, Bill and Junii Salmon’s studio. It was an honor to meet such living legends in tattooing. Chris Danley and his girl plus a few other friends joined us and we chilled for a bit. Ben took some cool photos of our group and we all ended up getting a bite of sushi together. It was a perfect way to end the mini-adventure. The next day was my appointment with Ben and I was stoked to get one of his famous miniature tattoos! It was literally an ink-and-go situation, Ben had to catch his fight and leave in an hour. With Ben’s light touch and skill it was a quick 45 minutes, leaving me with a gorgeous black and grey miniature rose beautifully placed under my right thumb. I thanked him; he packed his stuff and then took off with Taki to the airport. Thank you Ben for the fun day and killer tattoo!

Written by 24471382 — September 21, 2011

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