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Courtesy of Shirts & Destroy: Shirts & Destroy’s first retail store, located at 293 Manhattan Ave. in Brooklyn, NY will officially be open to the public on September 9th, 2011. This brick and mortar store has been a long time in the making, and what was once an old social club in Brooklyn is now a storefront housing some of the finest shirts, prints and other merchandise from the most forward-thinking artists, metal / punk bands and tattooers from around the globe. Some of S&D’s current contributors include world-renowned artists like Thomas Hooper, Chris O'Donnell, Florian Bertmer, Christopher Conn, Arik Roper, Aaron Horkey, Mike Rubendall, Seldon Hunt, Mario Desa, Aye Jay, Justin Bartlett, Timothy Hoyer and bands like Gallows, Cave In, SunnO))), Kvelertak, Isis, Boris, Disfear, Pelican, Integrity, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nachtmystium, Watain, Doomriders and more. Their merchandise, along with other exclusive items, will be available at the Shirts & Destroy store along with material from countless other artists under the S&D umbrella.  In conjunction with the store opening, Shirts & Destroy will be premiering a unique art exhibition at The Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg on September 9th from 7 p.m.-11 p.m. Titled The Exquisite Corpse, the show will feature a spectacular display of Shirts & Destroy merchandise plus twelve original works of art that are collaborations from Brooklyn S&D artists Daniel Abrigo, Ryan Begley, David Cook, Thomas Hooper, Seldon Hunt and Anthony Pontius. The Exquisite Corpse will run at The Cotton Candy Machine from September 9th through October 9th. Limited edition prints of each piece will be available at the event, and a percentage of sales will be donated to the Brooklyn-based non-profit Project Luz. Located at 235 South First Street, The Cotton Candy Machine is a short walk away from the new Shirts & Destroy flagship store. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 12pm-8pm commencing on September 9th... For more information please visit and

Written by 24471382 — September 09, 2011

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