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As many people in the tattoo world are aware, Horitomo has been busy working on his first book and seminar. I was just telling my girlfriend Molly that I was going to blog about this and she beat me to the punch. She even snapped some photos at Horitomo’s house when he was showing us his drawings. Here is a sneak-peak at what I think will be one of the most important books in tattooing. Introducing guest blogger Molly Skobba... Enjoy! -Horitaka By Molly Skobba Last night Taki and I went for sushi with Horitomo and his wife Harumi. The more I hang out with Horitomo the more I am convinced of Taki’s notion that Horitomo is secretly a mystical sage who levitates in his spare time. It’s almost like he could be the poster child for zen! His lively and vibrant wife is his perfect counterpart. Dinner last night made me think about writing a blog entry on Horitomo and his book, Immovable. I have had the honor of witnessing (and even helping edit a bit) the later stages in the creation of Horitomo’s first solo project, Immovable. Even though Horitomo would dismiss his latest work as minor and insignificant, don’t listen to him; you have to see for yourself. I truly believe this is a phenomenal book from a number of perspectives. Immovable is an artists’ book, illustrated immaculately with Horitomo’s drawings and redraws of Fudo Myo-o in a tattoo related context. It is a religious and spiritual book that explains extensively the theology of Fudo Myo-o. Most of all, Immovable is an inspiring, incredibly researched book of biblical status containing extraordinary designs created with amazing artistic skill and a deep understanding of Esoteric Buddhism in the art of tattooing. Immovable is the first of its kind, a book in English specifically on Fudo Myo-o and Esoteric Buddhism. I learned so much about Fudo Myo-o working on this book with the State of Grace guys and have so much more respect for Esoteric Buddhism in tattooing. I am sure that this book will be very influential for Japanese tattooing all over the world and will definitely raise the standard of tattooing. In keeping with the educational emphasis, this book is the perfect accompaniment to Horitomo’s seminar on Japanese back pieces. Horitomo has been working on his first seminar and I was lucky to see his notes... I can’t read Japanese but the illustrations looked very informative! I am looking forward to hearing this in English, I know that Horitomo is going to debut this at the SFO convention and I am sure it will be amazing. I feel extremely lucky to have had a tiny role in this monumental endeavor that Horitomo and the guys at State of Grace have taken on so successfully. I also feel lucky because I will be getting a tattoo on my hand by Horitomo in a couple weeks; I definitely think it's something worth blogging about. So keep an eye out for my experience on what it’s like getting tattooed by one of the new masters in tattooing! The Immovable will be released at the SFO Convention in October. After that it will be available at as well as from retailers like Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Coldskin, Last Gasp and Kinokuniya Bookstores. Suggested retail is $100. The seminar is open to tattooers and enthusiasts alike, first come first serve and will take place at the 2011 Convention of the Tattoo Arts. Seating is limited. This seminar will be held Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 10am. The cost is $200 dollars and this includes a copy of Immovable. To register you must prepay at Registration will be open from September 1st until the seats are sold out.

Written by 24471382 — September 01, 2011

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