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By Takahiro "Horitaka" Kitamura It's already August, and the tattoo convention I throw with Roman Enriquez (Strong Tattoo/45s Forever) is coming up soon! This year the convention in scheduled for October 21-23 and we are returning to the SFO Hyatt Regency. Even with last year's power outage on Sunday, the hotel is perfect for us and we look forward to a great weekend. Here are some highlights of this year's show... The main attraction is always the tattooers! We have always put tattooing at the center stage and because of this we always have an amazing roster of talented artists. LIVING LEGENDS We are excited to welcome back these living legends of tattooing: Thom Devita, Jack Rudy, Kent Smith, Bill Salmon, Junii Salmon, and Don Ed Hardy. Jack, Bill and Junii will be making tattoos all weekend and Thom and Ed will have original artwork for sale. Kent Smith will be signing autographs. THE ARTISTS Just a partial list: Aaron Bell, Aaron Crocker, Adrian Lee, The Trufant Brothers, Andreas Coenan, Andy Johnson, BJ Betts, Beau Brady, Beppe, Bert Krak, Bill Henderson, Roxx Twospirit, Brad Fink, Brent Patten, Brian Bruno, Brian Hutflies, Brian Wall, Bryan Burk, Chad Koeplinger, Chad Soner, Chris Brand, Kent Smith, Chris Danley, Chris Paez, Chris Yvon, Chris O'Donnell, Chuey Quintanar, Cory Norris, Daniel Forrester, Dan Moses, Danny Boy, Danny Reed, Dave Moore, Dawn Cooke, Donavon Kinyon, Doug Hardy, Eddie Reyes, Eiland Hogan, Eli Quinters, Eric Gillespie, Eric Jones, Eric Reed, Frankie Mancuso, Freddy Corbin, G. Kosmo, George Campise, Grez, Grime, Henry Dever, Hiroshi Hirakawa, Holly Ellis, Horikiku, Horimasu, Horisuzu, Jason Kundell, Jason Scott, Jeff P, Jojo Ackerman, Jon Hall, Jondix, Josh Palmer, Juan Puente, Justin Shaw, Kahlil Rintye, Katie Sellergren, Kevin LeBlanc, Kim Saigh, Klem, Lil Roy, Edu Cero, Lindsey Carmichael, Luke Stewart, Mao, Mario Desa, Mary Joy-Scott Dalyrymple, Matt Hamlet, Matt Ziolko, Mike Davis, Mike Emmet, Mike Rubendall, Mike Schweigert, Mike Wilson, Mutsuo, Chris Trevino, Nate Banuelos, Nick Collela, Oliver Peck, Orly, Paco Dietz, Paulo Manabe, Reiko, Richard Stell, Rob Benavides, Rob Struven, Robert Atkinson, Robert Ryan, Ron Wells, Sarah Schor, Scott Sylvia, Seth Ciferri, Sezuki, Shaun Hanna, Shawn Barber, Shige, Steve Byrne, Steve Looney, Stuart Cripwell, Heather Bailey, Bryan Randolph, Stuart Robson, Thomas Hooper, Timothy Hoyer, Todd Noble, Tomo, Tony Derigo, Tony Hundahl, Uzi, Valerie Vargas, Venjamin Jimenez, Wakatomo, Zuno... GODDAMN THAT'S A LINEUP! BLOODWORK: BODIES The official global release of the new monster book... I can't even call it a book, this is too epic! This monster project from Adrain Lee and photographer Max Dolberg will be released at the show. Hundreds of pages of backpieces by the world's leading tattooers. This is a must have book. Save your money. Kent Smith recommends it! IMMOVABLE State of Grace will be releasing the new book on Fudo Myo-o by Horitomo. This is Horitomo's first book and features tons of new back-piece designs as well as extensive texts on the history and traditions of Fudo Myo-o. This book will blow you away!! Horitomo will also be doing a seminar (info in next blog) about Japanese back-piece layout and tattoo design. The book will be included for those who attend the seminar. More info coming soon. Kent Smith will be working the slide projector. GIVE EM A HAND! REPOP MFG will be debuting a new collectible art project set which will be releasing soon after the show. REPOP makes high quality custom goods and is making a special tattoo themed "hand-shaped" collectible. Artists have been asked to make designs to be printed on fine leather on a brass base, totally new and totally unique. Artists contributing are: Steve Byrne, Scott Sylvia, Thomas Hooper, Chris Trevino, Chuey Quintanar, Chris Brand, Tim Hendricks, Horiken, Dan Wysuph, Colin Baker, Chad Koeplinger, Chris Yvon and myself. We tried to get Kent Smith but he was too busy. This will be an amazing project, more info as I get it. OFFICIAL CONVENTION SHIRT DESIGN BY RICHARD STELL That's right, this year's t-shirt design was drawn by the one and only! Just a few more things on the schedule, I will keep everyone posted with more updates and info! For more info about the Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts visit their site here: Horitaka (Taki) can be found at: State of Grace Tattoo 221 Jackson Street San Jose, CA 95112 Phone: (408) 441-7770 Hours: 11am – 7pm Closed on Tuesday

Written by 24471382 — August 19, 2011

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