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Courtesy of Sullen Clothing: A few days ago I did our popular 21 questions with one of the coolest down to earth guys Myke Chambers. Myke is a part of our elite Sullen Art Collective team that consists of some of the best artists. This was a fun interview to do because Myke is so into Sullen and helping out us out. Sullen just launched a new tee design called the Myke Chambers which is his first artist collaboration piece. Myke is a huge fan of Traditional Americana imagery with tons of color and bold lines which is something we are a huge fan of as well, there are so many great black and grey artists, but when someone comes to us with awesome color work we are all over it... [Interview and pictures on expanded page] Sullen: What’s up Myke how’s everything going? Myke Chambers: Everything’s actually pretty damn awesome! Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any better it does! S: How long have you been tattooing? MC: Hmmm, around 16 years I guess. S: What’s the reason you love tattooing? MC: Wow…that’s a tough one. There’s a lot of reasons I love tattooing. For one, I get to create my art on someone else’s body. That’s almost sacred in itself. I get to leave a part of myself with that person for the rest of their life. I guess most people might take that for granted or maybe it wouldn’t matter so much if I was just doing a job and copying an image into someones skin…but i’m not. My tattoos may look simple but I put everything I have into every tattoo I do. S: Where are you from? MC: Hard to say. I was born in Panama City FL then moved to LA when I was 5 after my parents split. I guess if I was to claim something it would be between Long Beach CA and Austin TX. I’m now based in Philly PA when I’m not on the road. S: Did anyone influence you to start tattooing? MC: Yup….Mike Ness S: Do you compare your style to anyone? MC: No, I really try to do my own thing aside from using a lot of classic Americana imagery. I may get a little influence here and there but for the most part I want my work to stand apart from everyone else’s. Every now and then I notice other people may be picking up on stuff I do so I change it. I’m constantly trying to learn, get better and evolve….not emulate. I want people to see my stuff and know it’s mine. S: What kind of music do you like? I used to be all about hardcore punk but these days i’m pretty open to whatever sounds good at the time. Tho’ for the last few years i’ve been all about Lucero. S: Black and Grey or Color which do you prefer? Color for sure. I do love a good black and grey tattoo though. S: Is there one thing that inspires you before you start working like music or anything? MC: Coffee. S: Your favorite place to eat? MC: Changes daily. Usually Mexican S: Favorite drink? MC: Coffee! Ha-ha-ha! S: What’s the most memorable tattoo you have done? MC: I tattooed my Dad before he passed. S: How did your relationship with Sullen come about? MC: I was hanging out with Eva Huber when Ryan contacted her to do a shirt for the Sullen Angels and she mentioned to him I’d be interested in working with Sullen also. Thanks Eva! You guys made a good choice picking up Eva. She’s a really good artist. I see big things for her. S: What’s your favorite item from Sullen? MC: There’s a lot of the clothing I really like and wear on a daily basis but I’d have to say the Blaq Paq Bag!! I take that thing everywhere! S: If you weren’t tattooing what would you be doing? MC: Probably a therapist working with troubled youth. I mean I did go to college for it. I spend a lot of my free time speaking at juvenile detention centers and rehabs across the US. S: You are currently tattooing out of Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia PA, explain how that is going? MC: It’s going really well. I work with Tim Pangburn, one of the best cover-up artists I’ve ever seen. The whole time I’ve been there it’s been a completely private, appointment only studio but Tim decided to open it up to the public and move it to a street level shop in Philadelphia’s hip/artsy Fishtown neighborhood. S: What’s a hidden talent of yours? MC: Hmmm. Well I love to write. I’ve been working on a book about my life. Not a lot of people know that. Or how about my amazing talent of hiding the fact that I’m a huge nerd spending most of my nights reading about knights and wizards until 5- 6 a.m. almost every night. S: Anything on the horizon for you, any projects you want to let your fans know about? MC: My new Sullen shirt just came out!!!! Buy it! And yeah, there’s a ton of stuff going on..just follow my FB “artist page” and twitter to find out! S: Best place you have traveled to? MC: The top of the Great Smoky Mountains in the fall…in the rain. S: Worst place you have traveled to? MC: The bottom of a bottle S: Anyone you wanna give shout outs to this is your time… MC: Really right now I just want to thank Ryan and the whole Sullen Crew for having me. The Collective is pretty amazing. Thanks Guys! (Myke can be found on the road and at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA. This post was orginally seen at the Sullen Blog. Visit Sullen's Blog for more info and stories:

Written by 24471382 — August 19, 2011

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