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[*Editor's Note* Mr. Rudy graciously permitted TAM to re-print his statement on the TAM Blog. The statement appears exactly the way it is found on Jack Rudy's Facebook page.] Jack Rudy “Good Time Charlies Tattooland” Official Statement Re: TLC’s show Tattoo School
I think this new tattoo school show that TLC is about to launch is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard in my 36 years of tattooing. I guess it’s not bad enough that tens of thousands of unqualified, untutored, “wanna be” tattooers have flooded this industry largely due to the bullshit tattoo shows that have already been on TV for years, because they inadvertently encourage people to get in to tattooing by making it look infinitely easier than it actually is... Well, now enter the newest addition to this tattoo cesspool, TLC’s show, following a bunch of less than amateur people that actually think they can learn how to tattoo in a couple of weeks. There’s no telling how many thousands more people will want to get into tattooing after seeing this load of horseshit. There is just absolutely no way in hell that people can even learn a fraction of what they need, to tattoo with any competence whatsoever in a two week period. This practice of turning these people loose after a couple of weeks in downright dangerous. They leave with a false sense of security that they can do something that actually takes many years to become proficient at. So all this show is going to accomplish is make a bad situation must worse by encouraging thousands of more people into doing something they have no business even considering. I encourage other professional tattooers who give a shit about our livelihood to not sit by and be fucking complacent, cause this is going to affect us all. Take a stand and let these people; the sponsors, the show, the advertisers know what you think.

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Written by 24471382 — July 15, 2011

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