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By Crash The Learning Channel, (TLC) you have stepped over the line! We urge you to reconsider. Please show at least this much respect to the professional community that you have been feeding on for the last five years. Do not promote or give airtime to the lowliest and most unethical practitioners of our treasured craft and profession. The dangers to the general public cannot be overstated... Every case of infectious disease transmitted, every victim who will need laser surgery after receiving a bad tattoo could potentially bring lawsuits against; TLC, the producers of this show and the “stars” who own and operate the unethical tattoo schools, as well as their students. (And we will encourage these actions in every appropriate case.) We hope you come to understand this is the most heinous and potentially harmful "tattoo" television program you could create due to the public health and safety issues. You will inadvertently be supporting and encouraging sub-standard, at best, and unsafe, at worst, tattoo practices by showcasing the same on television. Every professional tattooer knows it is not possible to understand the fundamental aspects of a complicated and specialized craft such as tattooing in just two weeks! It takes years of hard work to become proficient in this trade. It doesn't take years to put a mark on someone's body, (as this school's website can attest) but it does take years to learn how to tattoo with precision. TLC and all corporate structures supporting this travesty with advertising dollars: Professional tattooers and true tattoo collectors the world-over are speaking out. You should listen. Where you once found a loyal customer base you will soon find staunch detractors. And let us be clear –our influence does not end with Internet outrage, we interact with hundreds of thousands of your potential customers on a daily basis. Shame on you TLC! Sincerely, Tattoo Artist Magazine

We ask every tattoo artist and collector to visit the following sites, boycott the networks and their advertisers, sign the petitions, make public statements and continue to contribute in every way possible to sink this plague-ridden ship!

Online Groups and Petitions Supporting the Boycott of TLC's Tattoo School: Online Petition: Press: NBC San Diego Tattoo School Story Facebook: Artists and collectors against TLC's "Tattoo School" Blacklist: Tattoo Studios Against Lisa Fasulo/The Tattoo Learning Center Boycott TLC for 24 Hours in Protest to "Tattoo School" Tattoo Artists & Friends against TLC and their show "Tattoo School" Boycott TLC's Tattoo School Show
[**In fact, readers, if you or someone you know is the victim of any tattoo school graduate's “work” and it resulted in a sub-standard, scarred or infected tattoo... We want to see your tattoos and hear your story! Your story can help thousands of unsuspecting victims avoid the dangers, scars and expensive procedures you endured.
Send us your photos and a brief story and we'll make sure it's seen and heard:
• Name • Age • City and State • Profession • And a few brief paragraphs describing your ordeal.
Be sure to include any information you have on those responsible for your suffering, (such as artist’s name and location), schools they “graduated” from, the total price and also an explanation of what was promised, versus what you received. Conclude your letter with a listing of all legal, medical and aesthetic procedures you have sustained- Even it's just one really bad tattoo!**]

Written by 24471382 — July 11, 2011

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