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[youtube] [Pictures and full story on expanded page] By Dave Allen Photos courtesy of Jayme Dawson I am proud to say that Tattooers for Japan has raised over $45,000 for the IRC [International Rescue Committee] and close to $15,000 for the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders! This international effort included approximately 40 tattoo shops from around the globe, including shops in the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Shops organized walk-in days, art auctions and tattoo raffles to raise funds for aid in Japan. It says a lot about our industry that we can unite globally to help others. I am beyond impressed with the tattooers that organized whole day events with food and entertainment at their own expense to create a positive event in their communities. Not to mention a number of tattooers that worked 10-plus hours tattooing up to 16 people each in one day! It was awesome to visit these events and see people lined up in all sorts of weather, including dodging tornadoes in the Midwest! It's safe to say that thousands of people came to these events and left with a life-long reminder of their act of compassion. This has left me with a very different outlook on the power of compassion. I've learned that our time and efforts are worth more than simply donating. I am inspired to continue in this vain. In fact, I hope to carry Tattooers for Japan forward to continue helping those in Japan that have been affected. I have a couple fresh ideas that will hopefully benefit very particular causes inside Japan. The need for aid will still be strong long after the world moves on to new things. I will keep you posted with these ideas when they get some traction! But first I gotta finish packing up my house so I can move back to the West Coast! Ha-ha!

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Written by 24471382 — June 24, 2011

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