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Maybe it was the being-awake-for-24-straight-hours thing... Or maybe is was the insanely dangerous night drive through the mountains of Napa Valley... But by the time we got to Lakeport all was well. This was by far the most isolated tattoo convention that Kent or I had ever been to... [Video on expanded page] The Konocti Vista Casino is located at the top of the world, literally. The convention was another one of those two-day jams, quick and dirty... but not in a bad way. Octavio Martinez, the casino's event coordinator, went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate TAM and all the attending artists. The convention really had a nice family atmosphere, quaint and friendly, and the biggest shots of Jameson I have ever seen... Above was an example of one shot. And below is the subsequent video that followed a five-hour flight from Atlanta to LAX and then a 10-hour drive from Hollywood to Lakeport... After two shots and two beers... [youtube]   Saturday was made interesting by the fact that Kent and I were named as "judges" for all six of the tattoo contests. I'm not a good judger, so it's a good thing Kent was there because he's way better... We had a lot fun at this convention, and despite me losing half of my money at Black Jack and the other half to Darth Vader... I think we will make that treacherous trek through Napa Valley again, but this time during the day! Oh! And the food... Usually casino food is gross... this was no casino food! Kent and I ate our body weight in the two days we were there, and apparently giant "meat cookies" grow on trees in Lakeport... Big thanks to Octavio and the whole staff at the Konocti Vista Casino... See ya soon...

Written by 24471382 — June 07, 2011

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