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[youtube] On May 5th, 1998 (a month and five days after signing a lease) I opened Temple Tattoo. The shop is located on a beautiful, tree-lined street, a couple of blocks from Lake Merritt and Oakland’s landmark Paramount Theater. This seemed to be the perfect spot. I have always been very proud of Temple –the shop, the style, the vibe and I am very grateful for its existence. I am very proud of the people I work with, tattooers and assistants alike, past and present. Their names are not what is important in this acknowledgment; their drive, inspiration and intention are what’s special. The common goal: to do tattoos with love. Sincerely, Freddy Corbin Temple Tattoo 384 17th Street Oakland, CA 94612-3335 (510) 451-6423

Written by 24471382 — June 06, 2011

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