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[youtube] Original content provided by What is WHI? WHI is a parent company, representing several of the most recognized and respected tattoo machine builders in the trade today. Our current builder lineup includes SOBA, Seth Ciferri, Aaron Cain, and Cory Rogers. As time goes on, we will be adding to our roster of builders, the likes of a few additional well known craftsmen who straight up know their shit. Who actually builds the machines? Each tattoo machine is designed, built, and tuned by the tattooer whose name is associated with it. If a machine is advertised as an Aaron Cain liner, then it is built by Aaron Cain. Who uses machines built by you? Quite a few people have been using machines built by us for many years. A very short list of these people: Timothy Hoyer, Jennifer Billig, Tom & Mick Beasley, Henning Jorgenson, Little Vinnie Myers, Dan Higgs, Scott Harrisson, Corey Miller, Jack Rudy, Hannah Aitchison, Dave Fox, Adam Barton, Adrian Lee, Phil Holt, Chris O’Donnell, GRIME, TIN TIN, Tom Strom, Joe Johns, Kevin Le Blanc, Aaron Coleman, Mike Dorsey, Jeff Rassier, Steve Moore, Dave Waugh, Richard Stell, Chris Trevino, Josh Brown, Brad Fink, Mike Rubendall, Mike Austin, Oliver Peck, Mike Schweigart, Matt Rinks, Brady Duncan, Nate Drew, Chad Soner, William Thideman, Jerry Ware, Kevin Starai, Sean Crofoot, Eric Merril, Kat Von D, etc etc... (For this and more information about WHI please visit their web page:

Written by 24471382 — June 01, 2011

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