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As you may know, the first five issues of TAM have become highly sought after and sales have recently been limited to full-set orders only due to our dwindling inventory. With this in mind we created TAM Volume 1, a book that consists of issues 1-5. The response to the prototype of this book at tattoo conventions all over the world has been unanimous, "We want this book!" Tired of people "borrowing" your old TAM copies? Missing any? Have they fallen apart from all the use and abuse? Can't find another copy anywhere?" TAM Volume 1 will be released in July and will retail for $100 plus shipping, but to thank you for your support we are offering pre-sale orders for $80 plus shipping! Make sure to place your order NOW to take advantage of the awesome savings! (TAM Volume 1 is for professional tattoo artists ONLY. Verification will be required before purchase.) TAM Issues #1-#5 Artists featured in TAM Issues #1-#5 includes: Grime, Horiyoshi III, Jerry Ware, Adrian Lee, Horitomo, Mick Tattoo, Paco Excel, Craig Driscol, Sabado, Phil Holt, Matt Shamah, Jeff Zuck, Ron Earhart, Marcus Pacheco, Jason Kundell, Aaron Coleman, Borris Tattoo, Will Lollie and more... Book Size: 8.75 x 11,  400+ pages Canvas hard cover with silver foil stamped front and spine. ** The image featured is the prototype with a faux canvas cover and white screen printed front** Please click here to order: 

Written by 24471382 — May 20, 2011

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