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HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Friday the 13th has always gotten a bad rap for being unlucky. Well, we’re here to change that. With the help of Oliver Peck and his crew at Elm Street Tattoo. The Sailor Jerry Airstream is even going to make an appearance. Clear your schedule and get in line early. [Via Sailor Jerry Co. press release] Local Dallas resident, legendary tattoo artist and worlds record holder, Oliver Peck, will hold a tattoo marathon at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas on Friday the 13th. Peck, who holds the World's Guinness Book record for ‘Most Tattoos’ in a 24 hour period, will be giving $13 #13 tattoos, along with his staff, from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday with the goal of reaching 800 tattoos.A yearly event, Peck invented the $13 #13 tattoo on Friday the 13th tradition – a tradition that is now widely observed in tattoo parlors around the country. "We are aiming to do over 800 #13 tattoos in 24 hours," Oliver Peck. Sailor Jerry Rum will be offering their support with samplings at the local bar July Alley and during the festivities. July Alley will offer Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Drink specials after you have been inked up, head over for one of the featured drink specials. Jerry Daly - Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum,Lemonade,Iced Tea or  Charlie Sheen Shot -Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Three Olives Rootbeer, Amaretto and a splash of coke. The Sailor Jerry 1973 Vintage Airstream will be on site , with a photobooth so you can remember this moment in history. About Oliver Peck Oliver Peck, also lovingly known as  “Oliver Pecker”, began tattooing when he was 19 years old in Dallas, Texas. His tattooing has stretched all over America, where he travels around every year on the Vans Warped Tour, tattooing any bare piece of skin he can get his hands on. Oliver loves tattooing, and has made it a part of everything that he does; even producing artwork and shoes for the Vans Company he travels with each year. Working at Elm Street Tattoo, Oliver is also a past Guinness World Record Holder, for the largest amount of tattoos done in 24 hours, managing 415 tattoos of the number 13. Busy? Of course. Accomplished? We’re only just getting started... Anyone who’s had the chance to meet Oliver always comes out with the same word- “fun”. Oliver moves at around 100 miles a minute, tattooing everyone he can while having a hell of a time doing it. This is Oliver: he finds fun in what he does, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Oliver’s also known to adore Friday the 13th, and always does at least one tattoo of the number 13 each time the calendar tells him to. Aside from being busy and fun, Oliver is an astounding tattoo artist. Oliver tattoos in a remarkable and precise traditional style. His artwork is very ‘old school’, and unmistakably American. Oliver has created some incredible tattoos in this style, including huge anchors and American flags sweeping over a client’s chest, huge balding eagles taking up another’s back and grand sea ships swimming over a bright blue sea. Oliver Peck is American, and damn proud to be so. Of course, it’s inevitable that one of our favorite pieces of Oliver’s work is a wonderfully lined and colored depiction of the state of Texas, along with an especially traditional rose and a banner. It simply screams Oliver. Another favorite is something you wouldn’t expect, of quite a biblical back piece, complete with naked angels, a sacred heart and a book you could assume, if you wish, is the Bible. Of course, Oliver still keeps to his traditional roots by adding in some roses and making the angels look not too different from a pin-up tattoo. Oliver Peck is an artist who has to tattoo- his whole life revolves around it. He has a lot of fun with what he does, and lets his tattooing take him to other places in life. A proud American tattoo artist he’s spent many years developing his talent, and it shows...  

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                 Oliver Peck is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #12.

Written by 24471382 — May 13, 2011

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