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Dan Gilsdorf has been tattooing since October of 1992, learning the trade in Boulder, Colorado alongside Rocky Acosta and Lance Talon. After a few rewarding years working in that town at Bolder Ink and receiving a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Colorado, Dan accompanied Jerry and Jennifer to Portland in 1998 in order to open Atlas. [Video and pictures on expanded page] [youtube] The wild rainy ride that is Portland has treated Dan well. He lives with his lovely wife, his cat and three chickens. When not occupied by the various duties of poultry farming, Dan continues to make and show sculptural works in addition to riding the occasional skateboard and building tattoo equipment. Dan can be found at: 4543 N Albina Avenue Portland, Oregon 97217 503-281-7499 For more info on Dan's art projects visit his site: (Dan Gilsdorf is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #25)

Written by 24471382 — May 06, 2011

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