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Pork Chops Sheet: 31''/42'' 300.00 plus shipping but price changes at the end of the month of April or May to cover the paper cost going up... it will be 450.00 when he gets the last run at the price we are getting them for currently....
      Pork Chops Sheet: 31''/42'' 300.00
Contortionist: 16''/12'' 60.00 plus s/h
Limited Edition Panther Girls: 32'' by 24''  250.00 plus s/h
Limited Edition Tiger and Snake: 24'' by 32''  250.00 plus s/h
All this can be bought thru his website.... via PayPal... If anyone if buying multiples they should just email me for a discount in shipping...
--Jennifer Stell

Written by 24471382 — April 15, 2011

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