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By Rose Riot What can you say about a Motorhead show? It's a fucking Motorhead show, that's all that needs to be said! This legendary band binds music lovers of many genres –rock, metal, punk and hardcore can all find some roots in Motorhead. They have inspired bands from The Damned to Motley Crue, and everything in-between. Motorhead is currently on tour supporting their 20th album, The World Is Yours. I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to see the sold out show at The Fillmore on March 5th. I almost never wear earplugs when I'm covering a show simply because I can't think when I have those things in. When the road crew was doing the sound check it became quite obvious that I would need earplugs, especially if I was going to be able to think or if I didn't want to suffer permanent hearing and brain damage. These guys weren't fucking around, this was gonna be loud! Lemmy sauntered on to the stage in his signature custom made cowboy boots and opened the show with "We Are Motorhead." Even with the earplugs in Motorhead delivered a blast of guitar, bass and amps that rattled my brain. Shortly after this first song, Lemmy muttered something about turning it up, and up it went literally making the floor vibrate. This was no frills, rock ‘n roll at its finest. The band could have played any combination of songs off any album in their 36-year history, and it would have been great, but they chose to treat us with classics like "Metropolis" "I Got Mine" "Overkill" and wait for it… an encore of "Ace of Spades." Motorhead is currently comprised of Phillip Campbell on guitar, Mickey Dee on drums and the one and only Lemmy Kilmister. None of these gentlemen are what you might call young, but they certainly could teach people half their age and younger a thing or two about rock. At the end of the show Lemmy said in a very clear, almost dignified English accent, "We are Mota-head and don't you fa-get it." Trust me Lemmy, I won't. (Rose Riot is a photographer in Atlanta and contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine)

Written by 24471382 — March 17, 2011

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