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Wido de Marval: So you spent some time in Barcelona.  Do you remember where you went? For different guest spots? You went to The States? Dan Sinnes: Yeah, but I still stayed in Luxembourg a lot. Because I still had a girlfriend at the time, and two dogs. But when I had the opportunity to do guest spots, I’d do it. After I had my break-up and I was by myself, I put it to the max and I went to the United States and traveled as much as I could, alone. I went to New York, went to Portland, went to Washington DC and went to San Francisco and I met a lot of amazing people. For me, I’m not a guy who wants to start his own shop. I want to go around and see everything. So for two years, when I was single—it was like not having an anchor on my leg—so I started really, really traveling and I went to the United States and after the United States I came back to Luxembourg then I went to Germany and Belgium. I worked with some good friends and I saw that all this traveling was good for me because I met a lot of tattooers and I have gotten to meet a lot of old-timers. I learned so much about the history of tattooing that I never knew before because I was in Luxembourg and I was working maybe too much in one spot. For example, you were talking about old-timers, who did you meet? Like, not really old-timers, but a lot of tattooers that I had only seen in magazines. At conventions I had the opportunity to meet people like Henning Jorgensen, or like… (From the full article as seen in Tattoo Artist Magazine #24) Dan Sinnes can be found at: Luxembourg

Written by 24471382 — March 02, 2011

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