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Get a limited, signed edition of TAM 23 from Thom deVita for $60!!! This price includes shipping in the U.S., overseas is $14 extra for the slower USPS shipping method and ALL proceeds go to Thom deVita (not TAM). Thom will sign your issue AND add some creative ‘censoring’ to the interior of the issue as well. Thom will do these individually as they are ordered, so you must be patient. Allow 2 weeks to ship. Instant payments can be made by signing in to PayPal and entering this e-mail address: You can also get a signed  copy by writing Thom personally. Please send cash or a money order to:
Thom deVita
23 Overlook PL.
Newburg City, NY 12550
Cheers, Crash

Written by 24471382 — February 09, 2011

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