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January 25, 2011 I have now been homeless for over a year… I am in a coffee house in Tokyo, Japan as I write this. A coffee is about five-fucking dollars. I managed to find one of the cheapest places to sleep in Tokyo and it is $33 dollars a night. I don’t have a lot of money, so living on the cheap is a must and it is a serious challenge in the Land of the Rising Sun. I didn’t expect to be in Japan. I was going to Australia but the dates fell through for the shop I was going to work at, and I wanted to be in weird places. Australia’s not weird it’s nice. So I chose to head to Bangkok and do mainland South East Asia. To get there you have to stop in Japan. I couldn’t pass that up. I left South America from Bolivia on Dec 17th, 2010 and flew to NYC to work at Three Kings in Brooklyn and stay with Daniel Albrigo --a hell of a cook, psychedelic mushroom farmer and all around swell dude. I worked at the shop for a week and a half or so and also went to Connecticut to surprise my momma for Christmas. I spent a couple of days with her and headed back to NYC to do a couple more tattoos and see some friends. Three Kings was great, very welcoming, cute shop girls and real American dinero. After NYC I made my way back to San Francisco and to Idle Hand Tattoo, mi cordazon. I tattooed 15 days straight –got 24 extra pages added to my passport, traded out some clothes and shoes in storage, did some drugs got a haircut and got drunk with my peeps (they said I hurt their livers, but I think they forget that they hurt mine as well) and hopped on the plane for Japan. So now I am in Tokyo for a very short while. In a couple of days I head to Bangkok to do South East Asia with a very limited budget and no real plans. But I have some machines so I’m just gonna see how far that can get me. Sayonara, JTG (Jason Tyler Grace is a contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine. He can currently be found traveling the world and sometimes at Idle Hand Tattoo in San Fransisco, CA.)

Written by 24471382 — January 28, 2011

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